Better or Just Different?

With the advance in social media comes the advance in social pressure of comparing our lives with others on a daily basis.If so and so on our friend’s list is constantly updating their profiles with how awesome their life is, it naturally leaves us feeling discontent with our own.

It is human nature to believe what others have is better, more complete, than what we have. However, that is not always the case.


If we think about it, there is no better in life, nothing and nobody is better than the other, They’re only Different.

Better is something defined by every person’s own perspective, one person’s better can be another’s  worse. It has a totally different meaning for each.

Everyone has a different View on life and their “better” depends on their opinions and beliefs. Some might like to dress a certain way unacceptable to another, difference in lifestyles, hobbies, wants and needs are all perfectly normal because if everyone was the same, the world would become quite boring.

Still, we spend our lives endlessly searching for someone else’s perception of better without realizing that end of the day it might not even be the right thing for us …

~SK Writes Life



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