To the ones I call friends…

Who are you to me? I will never know!

You entered my life just like that,randomly.

Who was to know how far that friendship would go.

Did I know you will become such a huge part of my life? No!

I Didn’t even realize it long after it had happened, Only when it was time to say our goodbyes, did I realize, how much you have influenced my life, how much of an impact you have made on me as a person, on my life, on my personality, on my views.

You changed me, some for the better some for the worse but you did make a difference.

From sharing laughs and tears, supporting each other endlessly to giving each other a reality check whenever one of us got too lost.

I never expected to make such good friends at this point in my life but you became a major part of me and I thank you for this! I will always treasure what we had as my most precious memories!Thank you for the companionship I thought I never deserved.

Goodbyes are hard so here’s me hoping this won’t be our goodbye

Our routines change, priorities Might become different but deep down we will always remember each other.

Hoping this connection we have for unknown reasons will always stay alive.

Love Always

-Sk Writes Life


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