Friend or Foe?

I have come to a realization lately, Some people are not always what they appear to be or what we assume of them, or maybe it’s just me, maybe I am just a poor judge of character and rush to form an opinion about everyone without fully knowing or understanding them.I have spent my entire life being confused about people, about what to think of everyone I come in contact with.Most of the time I have contradictions about everyone’s personality, one moment they are this and another they are that.My opinion might be formed negative about someone but as soon as they talk to me as a normal, nice person, it changes to positive and I am left feeling guilty for ever misjudging them.

It makes me wonder, Maybe Sometimes the person we hate is not as bad as the image we have of them, sometimes it’s just the surrounding negativity that forces us to dislike someone who is actually a nice person and sometimes the ones we hold in high regard disappoint us.
I have yet to meet a person, who I have judged correctly in the first go, It feels like my whole life has been a confusion, a misjudgment of people, a bundle of contradictions.
                                                                                                 -SK Writes Life


  1. True bro we all gone through this phase . but somehow its a journey towards discovering ourself and others . keep on moving much love


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