Once on a silent night,sat a girl in the shade of the moon.She sat on a bench surrounded by daffodils.
Looking down at the flowers a small sad smile appeared on her face,how very similar were these flowers to her life,she thought,all white with a little color left within them.  She had always admired the beauty of these flowers,they were her favorite kind but today she truly understood their misery,their sorrow,their suffering…how could she not have noticed that on the outside they were so beautiful and calm but there was so much pain and misery,kept hidden inside,just like her.

She had always believed that every person was beautiful on the inside whoever bad they were to her,She would always try to reach out to the good in them,take pity on them.This had always worked for her but she was too young,what did she know of life.There was so much pain and hurt held in her heart which she would spill out to anyone who talked to her with a smile,always opened herself up like a book.

She would give away her sorrows to everyone but those sorrows were what kept her together,made her strong,when she shared them,she started getting weaker and weaker until she was weak like an addict who tried to find silly excuses to talk to someone and fill her emptiness by sharing more and more,making it a circle of hurt and pain.

Often she made promises not to do so but alas she always broke her promises and made herself be betrayed,as she did that very night,under the shining moon,she sat opening her heart away and making every word of hers to hurt her without any right to do so.

She looked up at the moon with a pleading look and wondered…would the moon also betray her and leave her to suffer forever?

~SK Writes Life


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