Unbroken Promise

Night falls in the city
 The stars shine bright and blue
 Come to me O'beloved
 You don't know what I am going through

Everyday passes in a haze
 Every night seems like a year
 Come to me O'lover
 I don't want to shed another tear

What you and I had,was never forgotten,
 It was magic such
 I can spend my life trying,
 But will never love anyone so much

Come before the sun shines again
 Come before I am lost forever
 Come to me,Oh so quick
 Come before my heart shatters

I am waiting still as the stars say goodbye
 I am waiting still with a heavy heart,
 Till the morning birds fly
 I am waiting because I promised to
 When you left everything one fine day,
 I wish I had asked,Why...

                               ~SK Writes Life


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