A need to escape

A Lot of things happening recently have me thinking over a new perspective on the limitation one might have imposed on them by people or circumstances in life.A lack of freedom is usually associated with being bound,being a prisoner in one’s own self but according to my new found thoughtfulness I am starting to feel that a lack of something to escape from the lack of limitation and boundaries only leaves us empty and ungrateful.too much freedom is harmful to the sanity of a human mind it can turn you wild like an animal.unless we have something to escape from,we have no value for life.The lack of a challenge,nothing to fight for,it’s just a dull life.

Always always its must for us to have something going on for us that limits us,then only a person will strive to break those limitations and do something exciting, to test the waters,to experience a new thrill because the souls burning with a desire to be wild will never shine fully without something holding it back.

The ones with a wild spirit will never be content if left free,for the wild spirit always needs something challenging it to have actual and full happiness in life.

~Sk writes life


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